A spinal cord injury which results in paralysis or limitations on sensory and motor function can have a significant impact on your way of life. A spinal cord injury requires immediate medical care and a long-term plan for recovery.
Seeking our legal team’s advice early on can help you connect with the right medical professionals and secure you the home and medical care required in the early time period following the injury. Hiring one of our lawyers allows you to devote your energy to your medical care while our team works to obtain medical and financial support on your behalf.
The lawyers at the Vancouver firm of Dosanjh Law Group will negotiate with insurance companies and take care of the legal aspects of your situation in addition to assisting you and your family in ensuring everything possible is done medically to rehabilitate your injury.
Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley Severed Nerves Lawyers Handling Spinal Cord Claims
The Vancouver spinal cord injuries lawyers at Dosanjh Law Group represent people experiencing a range of injuries affecting the spinal cord and nervous system, including severed nerves, herniated discs, quadriplegia, paraplegia and other forms of paralysis.
As legal advocates, we seek to understand the details of your injury, investigate its cause and provide personalized legal service so you feel comfortable knowing your claim is in good hands. We are experienced lawyers who have a reputation as diligent and committed representatives for our clients, and we are known as fair and honest members of the legal profession.
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