A slip-and-fall accident is potentially serious. Severe bone fractures, soft tissue injuries or a back injury may all occur in the few moments it takes to tumble over an unseen hazard. The injury may affect an individual’s ability to work, drive or care for his or her family, and may cause emotional and financial distress.
At the Vancouver law firm of Dosanjh Law Group, our team works to connect our clients with necessary medical care and seeks appropriate compensation for slip-and-fall injuries. We let our clients focus on getting better while ensuring appropriate access to medical treatment as well as navigating the legal aspects of their injuries.
Obtain Slip-and-Fall Legal Advice Early to Benefit Your Case
In order to successfully find someone at fault for a slip-and-fall injury, the incident has to be investigated very soon after it has happened. Evidence is key, including witness testimony about the condition of premises and the mental and physical state of the victim immediately after the fall. Specific legal steps must also be met, including providing the occupier with proper notice.
Boutique Firm Offering Dedicated and Skilled Advocacy
Slip-and-fall claims are often defended vigorously by the other side. Slip-and-fall suits and occupiers’ liability claims require detailed preliminary legwork and extensive evidence gathering in order to succeed. The Vancouver slip-and-fall injuries lawyers at Dosanjh Law Group will use their investigative resources to provide you with the strongest case possible and will work to secure the compensation to which you may be entitled.
At Dosanjh Law Group, our clients feel comfortable with us and the legal processes in which they are engaged. Clients are able to easily access a member of our team when they need information or advice.
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