The services provided by the RCMP and the Vancouver and other municipal police departments are usually highly respected in the Lower Mainland community. Sometimes, however, individuals have contact with police that they believe to be inappropriate, and it prompts them to take legal action.
At the law firm of Dosanjh Law Group, our Vancouver police misconduct lawyers offer high-quality legal services in an environment where everyday clients feel comfortable. We represent people who have experienced police misconduct, including

  • Wrongful arrest
  • Harassment
  • Assault
  • Excessive force
    Legal action for police misconduct/negligence in B.C. usually involves suing either a municipal police department or the RCMP. A claim against an individual officer requires proving wilful gross negligence on the part of the officer. At Dosanjh Law Group, we guide our clients through the process of suing police, including giving notice to potential defendants and counselling clients about the specifics of a claim. We understand the situation can be emotionally charged, and strive to provide reasoned, objective and professional advice to potential clients about the appropriateness of taking legal action.

Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley Wrongful Arrest Lawyers
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