Motorcyclists are exposed and vulnerable to injury on B.C.’s busy streets and highways. Even if all recommended safety precautions are taken, such as wearing a helmet and following the rules of the road, accidents will still happen and can result in severe injury.

Seeking legal advice from one of our lawyers early is important to secure the medical, rehabilitative and economic supports necessary for the best possible recovery. Gathering physical and eyewitness evidence about the circumstances of the crash in the early days following the accident is important to a successful legal claim.

At the Vancouver law firm of Dosanjh Law Group, we handle the investigative work, file and negotiate ICBC claims, and act as your advocate to seek the medical and financial supports you require to move forward following your injury.

Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley Motorcycle Head Injury Lawyers

Our lawyers engage a team of private investigators who work to gather the evidence necessary to establish what happened and who was at fault for your motorcycle accident. The testimony of witnesses about the physical nature of the crash as well as your physical and mental state at the accident scene is key. We secure both signed statements from eyewitnesses to the crash and the physical crash evidence necessary to help establish what happened.

Our experienced Vancouver motorcycle accident lawyers will meet with you to discuss the specifics of your claim and your legal options. Even if you were partly at fault for the accident, you may still be entitled to certain medical and financial benefits as well as injury compensation.

Our lawyers are dedicated to providing the best legal services possible to those we represent.

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